Oh la la! It’s a-bag time

We are giving away 12, yes 12 stylish designer bags! Prada, Versace, LV, Gucci, BVG, Chanel, D&G, Roberto
Cavalli, Valentino and much more. Stay tuned for the first draw.

How do you win one these amazing bags?

  1. Look out, for an announcement in the first 5 days of every month for the raffle draw on our Instagram (@glamourcareclinic)
  2. Follow, share and caption every bag post
  3. Every visit to Glamour Care Clinics for a service will equal one chance in our monthly draw
  4. Every new referral visitor who mentions your name at reception will add you 2 chances in our monthly draw
  5. Plastic surgery service = 3 chances
  6. GCC Elite members get 2 chances every visit
  7. Every month a different bag, different luxury designer will be announced in the first 5 days of every month.
  8. Winner will randomly be picked from the qualifiers that will be broadcast live every last working day of every month.
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June 2019

A lucky winner every month. Like share and visit for a chance to win a designer bag. Get a chance to win a luxury bag, of Prada worth more than AED 10,000 when you visit Glamour Care Clinics, Jumeirah branch. Winner will be announced 30 June.
Every last day of the month we will live stream the giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook pages – tune in!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Booking must be made and completed by 28th of each visit to qualify
  2. Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash
  3. Gifts cannot be exchanged with another month
  4. Only the winner is authorized to pick or relative with authorization letter
  5. Gift must be collected within 10 days from the announcement
  6. Glamour Care Clinics will issue authenticity card & certificate
  7. Glamour Care Clinics will give 1 year warranty from the announcement date and as per designer warranty and for fair use
  8. Minimum purchase to qualify per visit is AED 2000
  9. Pictures featured is for marketing purposes only
  10. Additional T&Cs apply