We invest in the latest technology, certify and train our experienced staff and understand your skin is unique, every treatment is tailored to you.

Arms, Thighs & Legs Contouring

Reshaping of the thighs by reducing excess skin and fat, via a thigh lift.

Starting 11000 AED

Excess skin and fat are surgically removed from the middle and lower abdomen to tighten the muscles and abdominal wall.

Starting 28000 AED

After achieving major weight loss through diet or surgery, there is a chance of excess sagging fat and skin remaining. This surgery gives the body definition and targets fat-cells using radiofrequency technology. Body contouring is only suitable for those whose weight is stabilized. Further weight loss could result in more loose or sagging skin Rapid weight gain could cause stress to your skin resulting in scarring or stretch marks We will perform a full examination and evaluate your situation and discuss issues that might impact your recovery.

Starting 42000 AED

Known by many names such as fat injections, fat grafting or lipofilling; this procedure uses a person’s own fat to fill in irregularities.

Starting 5000 AED

Liposuction or "lipo" removes excess fat deposits to improve body contours and proportion. Most common corrected areas include the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck and can be performed along with other plastic surgeries.

Starting 25000 AED

Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance liposuctionThis is a specialized ultrasound assisted technology that targets and breaks down fat cells.

Starting 28000 AED

A minimally invasive treatment that helps to tighten skin on any part of the body. This unique procedure is a great alternative to traditional facelifts, body sculpting, and tummy tucks.

Starting 32000 AED

Also called arm lift surgery, this procedure reduces excess sagging skin that droops downward, and it tightens and smoothes the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm.

Starting 12000 AED

Gynecomastia or male chest reduction surgery reduces breast size in men.

Starting 12000 AED

Ab implants are suitable for those with an active lifestyle but unable to achieve the formation of abs. With a technique called abdominal etching, we remove fat around the abdomen to achieve the look, from three-vertical-line abdomen or classic six pack. We recommend follow ups with our diet and nutrition experts to maintain results.

Starting from 10000 AED


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Love everything about working at Glamour Care Clinics. The best employer I have ever had! The atmosphere is amazing and I couldn't asked for better leads and the support that is given

Irfan Khan

سعيده جدا باختياري لغلامور كير. الدكاتره و التيم كامل وايد بروفيشنال. سرت لوايد دكاتره بس ما ارتحت الهم كثر ما ارتحت للدكتوره ان ماريه. تهتم بالتفاصيل و تهتم بالمريض بكل خطوه. قبل و بعد الجراحه

The One

Dr. Anna Maria , you are the best and I am so proud that I chose you to other surgeons. So professional. Thank you ^_^

The One

ماشالله كأن العين بعد اتوسعت صارت مسحوبه..وهالحركه يسوونها الدكاتره بالبوتكس اول مره ادري انها تتسوي بالفلر بعد


الله عروضاتهم وايددددد حلوة رحت عندهم روحولهم العيادة احسن و بتعرفون اكثر عن العروض


صراحه الدكتوره شاطره .. حبيت الطريقه مسويه فيها كنتور اكثر ما انها تملي الشفايف


الدكتورة غادة صاحبة الأنامل الذهبية ...أحبج


I just wanted to say im so happy with my skin after seeing Dr.Ghada for PRP! I cant wait to fallow up with her. Thanks again


Just want to say abig thanks to you to this incredible woman. She had made my face amazing but also she has the personality of an angel and I love to go and catch up with her


توني خلصت فيشيل قلامور الصراحه شيي عجيبب الدلع والضيافه والادب اللي فيهم حتي الفيشل يجنن


والله أحلى فيشيل سويته في حياتي عندهم


You deserve more I never saw a clinic like this before Akeed I will bring mama to enjoy experience with you.


مرحبا حبيبتي سارة ،، اليوم سويت فيشيال في عيادة glamour والصراحة شغلهم وايد حلو ،، أهم شي الدكتورة هيه الي حددت شو احتاج هالي حبيته اكتر شي ،، وحبيت الدلع والمساج ومشكورة على الخصم حلو كان السعر


شكرا دكتورة غادة شكرا اخ مهران شكرا للمرضات المتفانيات فالعمل شكرا رانيا ف الريسبشن شكرا للجميع في هذه العيادة الفخمة قلبا و قالبا


It's a wonderful place with a high professional doctors delivering of a high standard CARE. Very accomodating staff and they are providing excellent customer services..


Amazing company, high quality doctors & staff. Has a perfect location with an awesome view overlooking burj al arab.Impeccable services


This clinic is sensational. Multi-storey hitech luxury clinic.I can't believe how good my results look and i am back tomorrow for another procedure.All the staff there are lovely, caring, professional people and i am glad i found them.


Hi I just wanted to say i am so happy with my skin after seeing Dr. Ghada for PRP! I can't wait to follow up with her. Thanks again.


Glamour Care Clinis it is a real 5 star clinic. The location amazing opposite to Burj Al Arab. All the staff are friendly and professional and are real experts in finding the right treatment for you. The amazing Dr Ghada know exactly which type of treatment i need and she is very professional and she explained me with a lot of patience about the treatment and product.I recommend and for sure i will come back with pleasure.